Monday, September 16, 2013

First Days of School.

We were ready for school to start this year. We were very done with this summer.

August camps were cancelled when we realized our scheduled Golf & Tennis camps at the ICC probably had a lot more to offer with two arms. And our plans for a second excursion to the beach just seemed way too expensive to have a cast to still worry about. The pool water in August is pretty cold due to falling evening temps which is still so surprising after living in Texas and enduring bathtub-like pools. We'd been on day trips to DC a hundred times already and as much as I love them, I just couldn't take another excursion for cupcakes. Our best friends who always joined us for spontaneous activities and kept both kids entertained had moved... So, August went from being fun-filled to filled with lots of time together at the house. Lots. Of. Time. Together.

By August, we had just run out of things to do and were bored. School needed to happen. And thankfully, it did.

Charlie had his Open House on the Friday before labor day. His teacher is lovely and bubbly and energetic. And after I spotted the posters on her wall that reminded the kids to be awesome, I fell quite in love with her.

Fourth Grade. FOURTH GRADE. These kids are like, ONE grade away from being the oldest kids at school. Their classrooms are in the same hall as the fifth graders. They have THREE teachers to switch classes daily for different instruction. And they're all so tall that they basically look me in the eye. It is FREAKY!!!

Charlie was so mad at me for making him wear a collared shirt and boat shoes. He hates when I make him dress "handsome". #meanmom
On his first day of school, I took his picture on the driveway - front and back - like we do every year. It's unbelievable how big he looks now.
The following week, it was Henry's turn!!

Last year, I didn't take the front and back first day pictures of him and honestly, wasn't planning to do it this year either. I figured I'd wait for kindergarten. But Henry sees everything his brother does and walked out to the driveway and stood in the exact same spot as Charlie had and got ready for his pictures! So, of course, how could I resist!?
Once at school, Henry found his best friend, Max, and they spent time coloring and staring at the kids who were crying. They love each other and they love school. It's adorable.
Henry's preschool class is FOURTEEN BOYS and two little girls. Most of the boys in his class are Henry's buddies and they have all been together for two years at this school. Several of the moms and I have become very good friends so we *might* have made plans to get Starbucks and show up to registration day VERY early to make sure all of us the kids were together again.

The 3-year-old class is a co-op which means that every day there is a volunteer parent helping in the classroom. It works out to about once-a-month, I get to stay at school and help out.  I ended up with having a "shift" on the first week of school and as much as I feared I'd feel stuck at school when I really wanted to be running errands alone, I LOVED IT!! It was so much fun to watch Henry, his buddies, and all of our new friends for a whole day. They sing songs and learn about the calendar and they all have little jobs like "lunch helper" and "door holder" -- and oddly, these little people are very good at handling all of these things!! It's so cute. I just ate it up.   2013-09-11_0015

Friday, September 13, 2013

Pounding Crabbies

A few years ago, we went to Annapolis with the intent of smashing crabbies on the table. But in 90 degree heat that day and my pregnant sister-in-law with us... and ya' know, Henry... we ended up just walking into ANYWHERE and eating WHATEVER. Smashing crabbie dreams smashed...

Fast forward to my hair appointment back in July when I actually got to read a magazine and the Washingtonian said Cantler's was the authentic place to smash crabbies. And the idea was back on the table.

We decided to go on the Sunday of Labor Day weekend. Well guess what? So did everyone else. First, we waited in line Then we waited in another line to get a table. It was about two hours of waiting. {insert shocked emoji face here}. And I couldn't get any cell service!!! Tragedy!!

But our boys are pretty awesome and did great waiting. We sat on a bench overlooking the water and I stole a bunch of crackers from a waitress so we could feed the ducks. And we took some pictures. Bless my hubby. He's no photographer... notice the pop-up-flash and the REALLY horrible angle which pretty much ensures that I'll be thinking about exercising all week because, um, thighs!
Once we got a table - holy gracious. The menu. I figured you just ordered crabbies and be done with it -- but their menu!!! It was HUGE and full of so many delicious things! I wanted crabs but I also wanted ALL THE THINGS! I think we settled on FOUR side dishes + 6 extra large crabs. It was ridiculous.

They also had REAL Kraft Mac n' Cheese for Henry. Which he didn't actually eat. Because it wasn't shaped like Spongebob...
No wonder why this place was a two hour wait. It. Was. Worth. It. Feel free to come visit us in DC. We'll take you.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Buy All the Stella & Dot!!

Hey y'all!!! Notice anything new around here?? "Chuck and Hank" has had a makeover! I'm quite in love with the new look!

I've been falling for lots of new things lately. Last week I threw my very first Stella & Dot party with the help of my stylist from Very Busy Mama, Maria, and I fell truly, madly and deeply in love with all the things!
Maria helped me to realize that my style is "dainty". I prefer thinner pieces and avoid a bold statement with my jewelry. This is probably because jewelry is new to me! For years, I wouldn't put on a single piece aside from {fake} diamond studs in my ears because I just didn't know how to accessorize my outfits and would get overwhelmed. But as a photographer, I've realized the value in looking my best when I'm with my clients. I want my clients to know that I'm going to make sure they look their best and I can't do that while I look like I just rolled out of bed! And as a mom, I've realized that tossing on a necklace {or two!} with my skinny jeans, vintage tees and flats, makes me feel so much more put together and confident as I drop the kiddos at preschool and navigate the grocery aisles. With a little sparkle, I feel just - better.  

I figured there was no better way to debut my pretty new blog design than to show off all the pretty jewelry I love!
Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 8.30.18 AM
Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 8.11.45 AM
Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 8.27.56 AM

Even if you don't share my style, Stella & Dot seems to have something for everyone! Take a look around the Stella & Dot Website!! Find something you love that suits you! My show will be open until the 29th of September! Happy Shopping!