About Chuck & Hank

These two rock my world. They're crazy, loud, wild, silly and pretty much the greatest things I've ever made from scratch.
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Chuck came in the Spring of 2004 and gave me the greatest gift of my life. He turned my world upside down by making me a mommy years before I planned and yet, a more perfect moment, there could never be. Every mother thinks their child is smart, and I am no different there. Except maybe in that I think Charlie is brilliant and he is. He observes everything, takes it all in and processes it in ways that continue to shock and surprise me. I am, very simply, in awe of him.
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He looks nothing like me. He's a clone of his dad. I find this unfair since I basically invented 99% of him. Regardless, he's gorgeous with his dark skin, long eyelashes and deep brown eyes.

And he's funny. Sometimes his humor is blatant and sometimes it is the same as his dad, subtle, clever and witty.

Hank came in the Fall of 2009 in the same unexpected way as his brother. When thinking on having a second child, I used to believe that it would be impossible to love someone as much I love Charlie. But a wronger thought, I've never had. Henry fills my heart with the same parental pride, joy and love that his brother does. I look at him and see how much he is like me and I melt into a pool of mommy goo. He can get away with anything.
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Henry is very obviously also gorgeous. Blue eyes, blonde hair. All the single ladies of 2030 don't stand a chance!!

Henry is lovingly referred to as "our hot mess". He is fiercely independent. We often find him getting into the things he wants without so much as a word to us that he'd like them. He just goes for it. All on his own. Being thread of the same cloth, I find this to be the most darling characteristic - even when it often leads us to a stubborn stand-off!

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