Wednesday, April 14, 2010


A few chuckles a la Chuck:

Charlie is playing baseball again this spring. And yet again, he is the littlest guy on the team. But, he's improved alot since last year. He knows to stop at Home plate opposed to running another lap around the bases. He can spend most of the time in the outfield watching the game and chasing balls instead of twirling in circles. And He's much better at throwing and catching and has made it through several games without playing in the dirt when tending to third base.

This year's challenge, however, is the the step up to coach pitch. Coach Kevin does his best to throw pitches that the kids can hit, but Charlie swings a weak bat that is almost always too late for the pitch.

At last week's game, Charlie had a swing and a miss, a swing and a miss, a swing and a miss...

So he yells out to the pitcher's mound, "Hey, Coach! Aim for the bat!"


Car rides always seem to get Charlie to thinkin'. Last night, Mike was working shift, so I packed up the boys to drive through Chick-fil-a. On the way there, Charlie asks, "Mom, what's a girlfriend?"

And I reply, "Well, it's a girl that a little boy likes alot and wants to do fun things with."

Charlie thinks about this for a minute and says, "Mommy, you're my girlfriend."

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  1. I absolutely love the "you're my girlfriend" story...he loves his Momma!