Monday, April 22, 2013

Cherry Blossoms

Years ago {nine to be exact}, when DC was still so very new to us and I was very pregnant with Charlie, I wanted to see the blossoms for the first time. I couldn't bear fighting the crowds with a ready-to-pop belly so Mike drove me down after dark. I remember sitting under the trees and moonlight twinkled off the blossoms as they fell onto our heads. It was that exact moment when DC moved into my heart... and I knew, even if we were to move away, DC is and will always be our home.

Two weeks ago, after what seemed like a never-ending winter, pink blossoms again covered the trees lining the tidal basin. As the wind blew, the pink snow fell to the ground and left a guided path towards spring of perfectly pink petals.

And even though I was so busy and had many other things I could/should have been doing, I dropped Henry off at preschool and raced to the city to meet my cousin Chelsea on the steps of the Jefferson. We walked slowly with the crowds and breathed in the beauty of every blossom. DC is my home, at least for now. And I will cherish her and all of her many, many blessings.
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Pink snow. It's sooooo much better than real snow.
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