Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Snuggling Weston (And Maybe a Deep Thought or Two)

I am in love with my nephews. L-O-V-E. I just adore them. Everyone loves their nephews this much, right? I sure hope so.

My brother was kind enough to buy them flights to come see me this past weekend. Oh. And he and his wife came too. But mostly, they just brought me my babies.

My sweet Olly-Bear turned two just a few months ago and precious, adorable, Smiley-Guy Weston, is five months. My camera was addicted to Westie. For one, well, it's obvious how gorgeous he is. And two, he can't move!!! So fun to not chase or coerce or beg him to smile and stay. You just oogle and google over him (which I do anyway) and he busts out with the happiness. 

slight nephew obsession
At one point during the weekend, I was leaning over Weston as he laid on my bed. I was really supposed to be folding laundry while he kept me company... but instead, I was kissing his belly and that precious soft skin on his neck.  As I kissed him and told him what a perfect little boy he is, he looked at me and I looked at him and a thought washed over me...

He is brand new to this world. And he knows nothing about it yet. But there he is - only five months into a 100 year go of it - and he is smiling already. Smiling is one of the first things babies do. They are born. They can eat, sleep, breathe and poop. And then, before anything else, they smile. My nephew reminded me this weekend that our human, that our natural instinct, is to love. Weston's natural instinct is happiness, trust, and love

I think when the world seems so cruel... it really means something that we are all brought here with the same starting out point - love.
I have so many mommy friends and know so many women who fret and worry over raising their children to be good people. I know I do. I over-analyze and over think and worry, worry, worry. Did my lack of patience with potty training scar them for life? Did my scary scream because they were fighting over the same toy for the 5 millionth time send them to the dark side?? Did I spend too much time working today that the lack of doting attention is going to send them over the edge? I have been known to attack friends with older children who seem to have raised theirs to young adulthood in tact and BEG them to tell me how they did it. I think, as mothers, we want to find the right parenting recipe to ensure our children will safely grow from this sweet innocence to be kind, thoughtful, intelligent, respectful and loving adults. We want to protect them. That is our natural instinct as mothers. 

What is the secret? What is the answer? Shield them from violence? Homeschool? No video games? No social media? Pack their schedules with extracurricular activities? Religion? No religion? Hold off on braces until they're 16 so that the mouth full of metal keeps all the potential mega-hormoned boyfriends and girlfriends at bay (thanks mom. I see now how brilliant this tactic was)?  Pray they become the nerdiest of teenagers that only want to stay home and hang out with mommy? I am personally really hoping for that last one... 

I wish I knew the recipe. I'm as lost as every other parent. 

But I think I'll fight this world for my babies, for my brother's babies, for my sister-in-law's babies and for all babies with the same overwhelming and strong feeling that the tiniest and newest human beings are born with - love. 

In all things, I am going to try to do my best. I hope I make the right decisions in parenting (and aunt-ing). But the one thing I am CERTAIN OF is that I will love them. Immensely. And Always. So far, it seems like an essential part of the recipe. 

Oh, and I'll photograph them too. Immensely. And Always. 


  1. I'm doing the braces thing FOR SURE. Genius idea. Cute cute baby. I can't even believe babies are that cute.

  2. Oh my daughter. Such a wonderful being I helped to create! Love you. Momila

  3. I love this post...I will never give up on finding the recipe for parenthood! What an absolute doll baby!