Thursday, April 4, 2013

Wall Paper {Kids Were Here}

My Charlie. My precious, perfect, amazing Charlie.

Sometimes I find that he has left a trail of his imagination all over the house.

Recently, I found a full city skyline wrapping around the kitchen island... CharlieArt-8823 CharlieArt-8818 CharlieArt-8819 CharlieArt-8817Last year, when airplanes were the thing, Charlie literally wallpapered the basement with hundreds of drawings of airplanes. For some reason, the desire has resurfaced... but this time (since I've JUST redecorated/decluttered/organized the basement), the plane wallpaper has been relegated to JUST the stairway leading to the basement. Airplane Tours begins April 12th, y'all. Make sure to get your tickets!! It actually takes a REALLY long time to see (and hear) about every single plane... so, bring a snack. :)
CharlieArt-8832 CharlieArt-8836

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  1. I was kind of this kid. Which means only one thing for you - good things are ahead. :-)