Saturday, August 18, 2012

Charlie's 8th Airplane Birthday Party

Charlie Birthday-0029 This blog content is a bit old considering how Big Man turned 8 in April. But I didn't really have my act together with the blogging back then, so... April, August... they both start with an 'A', so I consider that close enough.

I am a child of the 80s and therefore, like every kid in the 80s, I had lots of my parties at Burger King, complete with cardboard crowns. But as I got old enough to pick the venue, my mom said I began planning elaborate parties creating original themes and games for weeks before the party. One year, my mom and dad surprised me in the middle of the party with a stretch limo to take all of my friends and I to Ben & Jerry's. Amazing, right? Except, I pouted the whole time. The limo wasn't part of my plan... (Lord. Now that I'm thinking about it. Charlie's recent issues with having an entitled attitude is probably my karma for that exact moment ...)

As I've grown older and have kiddos of my own, party planning is still one of my favorite things. I love their birthday parties. I love picking a theme that suits them. I love, love, love picking out the stationary for the invitations. And I really love having people over, making delicious food for everyone and settling in for chats with friends and family as I watch my children play! What's not to love about a party??

I've always been in love with the birthday parties my good friend and former neighbor, Jamie, throws for her children. They are always beautiful. Forget beautiful, they're perfect. This year, with the amazing creative assistance of my talented girlfriend, Mandie, a baker-extraordinare at Got What It Cakes, I set out to have a party that was bigger than the ones I had done before.

The theme was airplanes. This was actually pretty hard to pull together for an 8 year old. I skipped ordering a printables package since it was impossible to find an airplane theme that was designed for an older child. I just used pinterest for every idea possible and adjusted it to suit my big kid.
Charlie Birthday-0060 Charlie Birthday-0017
We (and when I say "we", I really mean Mandie did all of it) created a runway to go down the center of the table and collected plates and napkins in a silver and blue color scheme.
Charlie Birthday-0036 Charlie Birthday-0032 Charlie Birthday-0057
For party favors, I bought the $1 balsam wood airplanes from a craft store and found packages of draw-your-own puzzles which were about 6 for $3. I had Charlie draw his "thank you's" on them and then we broke them up and put them in baggies. We thought this was a really fun idea for a combo of favor and "thank you". Charlie Birthday-0005 Charlie Birthday-0006 Charlie Birthday-0012

Our proximity to the Dulles Air & Space museum was so convenient as a fun activity for an airplane-themed party. Just the week before Charlie's party, NASA delivered the Space Shuttle Discovery to the museum and it was especially exciting to see!
Charlie Birthday-0123 Charlie Birthday-0081 Charlie Birthday-0080 Charlie Birthday-0085 Charlie Birthday-0088 Charlie Birthday-0110 Charlie Birthday-0114

After the museum, the boys had real airplane meals and cake!
Charlie Birthday-0125 Charlie Birthday-0128 Charlie Birthday-0136 Charlie Birthday-0132 Charlie Birthday-0143 Charlie Birthday-0154 Charlie Birthday-0156

I think he enjoyed it... :)
Charlie Birthday-0160


  1. Seriously--you should submit this to a few party websites. It's awesome. And the monster one will be even better...

  2. I just really need Mandie to make cakes for me. AH KANSAS.

  3. You guys are the BEST commenters, ever! I always giggle when I am reading either one of your blogs - you are always the first to comment on each other's. I adore it!

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