Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I Play Bowling. I Strike.

I realize that some people might consider 97 edited photos of Henry playing with his new bowling set a bit excessive. But those people would be wrong. Because Henry and this bowling set are adorable. Uber adorable. Mega adorable. So adorable, in fact, that 97 edited images might JUST start to be able to truly represent how adorable it really is. (Don't worry. I didn't put all 97 of them on the blog.)

Since taking Henry to the bowling alley for the first time last week, he has been smitten with bowling. He loves it. He'll set up anything that will stay in an upright position just so he can knock it down with a ball. Understandably, we just couldn't resist this set we saw in Target yesterday for $10.

I opened it for him before bath time last night and he got busy setting up the pins and knocking them down. I plopped him in the tub, washed all his sweet baby parts, and let him be to play with all the bubbles and toys like he loves to do. But he jumped up right away -- "Mama. I get out. I play bowling." He set those pins up and knocked them down until we dragged him to bed.

This morning, as I greeted him with a big "Good Morning, Baby!!", the first words out of his sleepy mouth were... "I play bowling."

So, with that, I carried him downstairs, set him and the bowling set in the living room (where the light is best), grabbed my camera and watched him have the most adorable fun "playing bowling".
Bowling-2-68 Bowling-2-67 Bowling-3-6 Bowling-3-9 Bowling-3-13 Bowling-0247 Bowling-2-23 Bowling-2-48 Bowling-2-49 Bowling-2-52 Bowling-2-37 Bowling-2-38 Bowling-2-36 Bowling-2-39 Bowling-3-16 Bowling-2-16 Bowling-2-17 Bowling-2-19 Bowling-2-46 Bowling-2

So much emotion in this living room bowling... Such intensity. Such concentration.

Bowling-0254 Bowling-2-56

Henry: So close.
Me: No, baby. You knocked them all down. You got a strike!
Henry: Oh! Yay!!! I strike!!
Bowling-3-2 Bowling-3

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