Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Life Meets Lifestyle

I have been so busy lately. I am booked. Like, booked through the middle of November at which point I've cut myself off and won't be working (for PB&J, that is) until 2013. Being booked is a great thing! It's an amazing thing! It's something I was not expecting back in March when I started my business. So, I am beyond grateful and happy and all those other super positive words that should be followed with lots of exclamation points!!!!!

In addition to being busy with work, I have been on a constant quest to improve myself. I have been taking some kind of photography course non-stop for six months. And right now, I am idiotically trying to squeeze another into my busy life because I just could not resist. I am taking a course on shooting in the "lifestyle" genre. And I love it.

Lifestyle photography is the kind of photography that speaks to me more than anything else because it captures so much emotion and meaning in it's realness. I think it's becoming more and more popular because people want that connection to their images. I love adding layers of sentimentality to a photo. In my opinion, a good photo is when you look at it and say "Yes. That is perfect. That is us."

Since I haven't done much with the family lately (aside from begging them to please leave me alone so I can work), I thought I would share a couple of the pictures I took for this week's lifestyle course assignment. I really hate the cord in the shots but I really love the shots, so I'll have to deal until I feel like spending the extra time to clone them out!

Here is Henry being Henry. He loves to play with anything that belongs to his brother. I've never known a two year old who can actually play a Nintendo DS like he can. He knows exactly how to make Mario move, jump, and beat the board. It's really so crazy to me!
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