Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Photographing My Own

Me driving Henry (late) to preschool while talking on the phone to my mom as we do every preschool morning...

Mom: Those pictures of the boys on Facebook are gorgeous.
Jenn: Yeah, they were being {insert plural form of bad word here} so I'm kind of surprised them came out so nicely.
Mom: Oh, they could never be {bad word, plural}.
Jenn: You're right, Mom. Charlie was being an angel. It was Henry who was being a {bad word, singular}. He screamed his face off when he saw I was going to torture him with a collared shirt...
Mom: Oh, that Henry! But it's nice that Charlie is old enough to be so sweet!
Jenn: It's not his age. I promised to take him to Target and buy him something plastic if he'd smile.
Mom: Good plan, Jenn.

I'd say that these were worth the $6 in Super Mario keychains and the tub of Gerber baby cheetos that they picked out from Target after this shoot.

Adorable little stinkers.
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  1. well I hope you were even half as successful in getting rachel's kids to look at the camera because these are totes adorbs.

    1. Oh, god. No pressure or anything! :) Just kidding.