Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Arbonne Product Giveaway

A few weeks ago, I instagrammed a picture of my hair all wrapped up on the top of my head as I tried out my new Arbonne hair mask for the first time. I have very long hair, the bottom of which is covered in split ends. I needed some repair. Not to mention, a hair mask is a perfect excuse to lock myself in the bathroom, ALONE, which is a whole other kind of repair in itself. As with all my Arbonne products, this one did not disappoint. Once rinsed and dried, my hair felt as soft and healthy as if it'd just been cut.

Bonus - I was so excited to see that one of my favorite blogs - How to be a Redhead - re-grammed & facebooked the photo.  My forehead is famous!!

I first learned about Arbonne products last Thanksgiving while on vacation back home in Michigan. My girlfriend, Melissa, asked if I was interested in some girl time away from our kids to try some of the Arbonne products for which she is a consultant. I said, "Oh, Meliss, that sounds so lovely, but I'm the kind of girl who washes her face with a Dove bar -- when I remember to wash my face at all -- and then I just slap on some wrinkle lotion I found at Target."

"Oh, no! Jenn, you don't!?" she said. "One night of skipping a face wash ages your skin 14 days. And these products are all natural and free of chemicals. Do you know if the lotion you're using is paraben-free?"

Shut up. FOURTEEN DAYS for one itty-bitty, teeny-tiny night of skipping? I had turned thirty-one just a few months before this and the lines that I had never seen under my eyes before had suddenly emerged, clear as day. I had stopped purposely trying to tan my skin to keep it healthy. So why hadn't I stopped my bad habit of sleeping in my makeup? I'd also given up using all the acne products that said not to use when "pregnant or trying to become pregnant" -- because if they could harm a fetus, how could they possibly be alright for my regular non-pregnant body?? I wasn't even considering all the "regular" chemicals that don't come with warnings on the boxes.

"Ok, Meliss. You're right. It's time I stop treating my skin like I'm still in college. Let's do this."

Now I'm hooked. My skin, my hair, my body are all feeling pampered, youthful and beautiful. And I feel relaxed and healthy knowing I'm gross-stuff-free when I get ready for the day.

I really wanted to spread the word - not only about my love of the hair mask & subsequent famous forehead - but my love for all of my Arbonne products so I asked Melissa if she'd be interested in blogging a little bit about Arbonne's commitment to safe and natural beauty products -- and maybe even hook everyone up with a giveaway!

She was! So here it is!

26 seconds is all it takes for the chemicals in your personal products to enter your bloodstream. Your skin is your largest organ in your body. What is in your products? Have you ever really thought about it? Well, now is the time! 

As a consultant for a Health & Wellness company,  I am dedicated to providing you with all natural products. Whatever your health & wellness needs are, Arbonne offers an array of PureSafe, & Beneficial products - men & women’s anti-aging skin care, sensitive skin care, detox/spa, skin & body care, baby care, cosmetics, nutritional supplements & much more! - to cover you for life...from Diapers to Depends! 

Our products are all: 
You will never have to worry that you're using something on your skin that's toxic or could harm your health.  
Please enter our giveaway to win an Arbonne Hair mask + a bonus of Arbonne's Baby Care Sunscreen for your little one (or for a friend's little one!) by simply liking Melissa's Arbonne page & my photography page on Facebook! Bonus entries for twitter love! :)

BTW, I never pay full price for my Arbonne products and Melissa can tell you how to get 20% or more off your Arbonnes purchase, plus cash rewards to use towards future purchases, as well! Contact Melissa for more information at melissa.meglio@gmail.com

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  1. I do love their baby stuff. I should probably treat myself as nicely as I treat my babies... I washed my face this morning! In the shower! With my soap!