Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I Think We'll Go To Boston, Part 2

My ONE plan for Boston was to go to the Public Garden to visit the ducklings and ride on the swan boats.

On Saturday, all my Bean-town dreams came true! Well, 50% of my dreams, at least. We didn't make it to see the actual brass duckling statues, but I rode on the swan boats, so I'm counting it as a partially successful trip that gives me a reason to go back. The weather was perfect! And aside from it being such a beautiful Saturday in June which brought about 5 billion other tourists all wanting to do the same thing... it was wonderful! The gardens are amazing and tucked right in the middle of the city off CHARLES ST.

2013-07-27_0010 2013-07-27_0011
My parents flew into Boston as we were down in the city so they cabbed it over and found us just as we were swan-boating under the bridge! Hi, Mom!!!
BostonJune-0239 2013-07-29_0001 2013-07-28_0001
After the boats, we took the crew over to Quincy Market to have Lobster Rolls for lunch. It was crowded and chaotic -- but uber-delish! And very Boston-y!
The last time we visited the Quincy Market, Charlie had an ice cream cone covered in blue sprinkles. This time, we HAD to have the same thing. We took our cones outside and I, of course, started taking pictures. And then my brother and my hubby made fun of me by taking pictures of me taking pictures.
And being the Saturday before Father's Day, the kids were all over their Papa. Well, they'd be all over their Papa anyway, because they all adore him.
Aside from seeing the sights... we also spend a lot of time on our Boston visits just snuggling and playing with our nephews/cousins. This is definitely our most favorite part of every trip.
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