Monday, August 26, 2013

July Photo Dump

Because it's almost September, it's time for a serious photo dump of all the fun things we've done (and I photographed) in July that I haven't had time to blog. Ugh. I'm busy. And I take too many pictures.

Gravelly Point with Cakes & Kids  

While Mike was traveling for two weeks to Asia and Europe in July, my Cakes drove up to keep us company. We took the kids to Gravelly Point - a park immediately north of Reagan Airport - to watch the planes take off and land, literally, FEET above our heads. 

We followed up our picnic in the park with a quick stop in Georgetown for Baked & Wired cupcakes!
2013-08-26_00022013-08-26_0003 2013-08-26_0005 2013-08-26_0006 2013-08-26_0004

Our {Cutest Ever} Lemonade Stand

While Mandie was visiting, she promised her girls we'd all do a lemonade stand. Except I didn't want to. Like, at all. I thought I had successfully avoided it when she left and no lemonade had been sold... but the boys still just had to have a lemonade stand. So, we "squzzed" 28 lemons and made $16.50!

Oh. And it was really cute.
2013-08-26_0007 2013-08-26_0008

Swim Lessons at SwimKids

I decided that since Henry always loved going to the pool, never minded getting his face dunked and always wanted to do the things his big brother was doing at the pool that he would do really well with swim lessons. So I signed him up for two weeks of lessons at SwimKids.

Well, I was wrong. He hated it. But after two weeks of threats, bribes and LOTS of patience, he passed SwimTots Level 1. He will now kind of let you dunk him, spider-climb the wall, kick his legs and blow bubbles.
2013-08-26_0010 2013-08-26_0009 2013-08-26_0011 2013-08-26_0012 2013-08-26_0014 2013-08-26_0013

Big Blue Goes Big Red

Charlie switched out his blue cast for a new red one - which was the color he originally asked for that the Orthopedic surgeon had run out of in the ER. He was really nervous for the saw but giggled through the whole thing.


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