Friday, August 17, 2012

The Freshmaker

We always have Diet Coke in our garage fun fridge but no one who lives here ever drinks it. I keep it stocked for my best friend who is always over and my family who is always visiting.

Two days ago, Charlie found the 2L bottle I had stashed in there (for my brother, who prefers the 2L). He begged me to go get Mentos so we could make it explode. Thinking how my brother's newest baby is due relatively soon so a visit is unlikely, we decided the Diet Coke had no other purpose than to be blown up. We got the candy on our very next trip to Target.

I insisted that we google how many Mentos we needed at a time and research methods of how to get the most Mentos in the Diet Coke at one time - to reach maximum Diet Coke explosion heights. Charlie did not like this. He wanted to do it his way. But I stubbornly insisted we should follow the rules dictated by the almighty internets.

It didn't work. And when there was very little fizz, Charlie was sad. And mommy felt guilty.

So, we decided to try again. This time, mommy's only job was to photograph.
_DSC0470 _DSC0473 _DSC0475 _DSC0474 _DSC0476 _DSC0478 _DSC0479 _DSC0480
He was so absolutely thrilled that it exploded "higher than his head"!! And he was BEYOND THRILLED that his way worked better than Mommy's way. So thrilled, in fact, that he even smiled for a picture!
_DSC0481 _DSC0487


  1. He's too cute. I love when teachers do that trick!

  2. Saw your birthday party post about the take home experiment! Brilliant idea! Is there a link to your instructions somewhere? Love it!

  3. So how many did he put in?? Looks great!