Thursday, November 8, 2012

Baby's First Art Class

Last year, Henry started going to a Mother's Day Out preschool for Under 2 year olds twice a week. The class was all boys... except for one sweet {and I'm sure, totally disappointed} little girl. But those little boys became great friends. And so did their mamas. And then their mamas waited in a looong registration line to make sure they were all in the same class again this year. :)

We like to get the boys {and us} together on off days of preschool - See them on a Pinkberry date this summer here - so when one of the moms emailed asking if we'd be interested in an art class with our toddlers, we all signed up!

Our first class was on Wednesday and Henry kind of liked it. I had to pull him screaming out of the room and threaten a time out if he didn't stop crying and sit in his chair... but ya' know, after that, he liked it. :)

First, the art teacher read the story "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom". Then she taught the boys how to make flag banners with the letters from their names. She had lots of different items to use to put the paint on the flags -- feathers, sponges, brushes, and the boys' favorite - monster trucks!
Art-0584 Art-0588 Art-0589 Art-0586 Art-0601 Art-0597 Art-0592 Art-0596
I had to put the camera down for awhile because Henry decided he was NOT going to paint his flags on his own. We found a compromise where I did all the painting and he touched my hand while I did it...

After the flags, the boys made shape catchers by putting cut-out shapes of colorful paper, pipe cleaners and fuzzy chunks of yarn on the sticky side of contact paper. Henry preferred this less messy activity so I was able to get much better shots!
Art-0611 Art-0622 Art-0614 Art-0615 Art-0621 Art-0617 Art-0618 Art-0619 Art-0643 Art-0644Art-0623 Art-0626
And look!!! I was there too!!!


  1. And I am amazed at how much you two look like each other!! Aside from that, great blog, sweetie!!

  2. You are an awesome, Mom, Jenn....just awesome!! Lucky baby!!