Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thanksgiving Part 2

Our Thanksgiving Day was certainly a day to be thankful for! The house was full of family, my mother-in-law was cooking a feast and the weather was warm and sunny!

We spent the morning being lazy, drinking up our Starbucks, and reading the Black Friday ads. After pulling ourselves together for the afternoon, the big kids begged to go back to Booth Park to slide down the hill -- and who could deny them when it was 67 degrees on Thanksgiving Day -- in Michigan!!
Thanksgiving-0613 Thanksgiving-0620 Thanksgiving-0627 Thanksgiving-0629 Thanksgiving-0604 Thanksgiving-0679 Thanksgiving-0682 Thanksgiving-0625 Thanksgiving-0662 Thanksgiving-0671
Who loves their Grammy!?!?!? {And who loves this light!?!?! I DO!!}
Thanksgiving-0647 Thanksgiving-0653
And since the mommies are never in the pictures... Carol and I were there, too! {Isn't Mike's sister gorgeous??}
Thanksgiving-0655 Thanksgiving-0659
And then it was time to give the tire swing some love.
Thanksgiving-0689 Thanksgiving-0699 Thanksgiving-0696
It was just so gorgeous out that none of us were ready to go home so Charlie asked to go see the waterfall at Quarton Lake, so we did! At that point, my new DSLR was feeling a bit too heavy so I moved to instagram photos!
photo-85 photo-86 photo-88 photo-87
After all the fresh air, I tried to get my family dressed and out the door for a photo shoot for our holiday cards. We had to wake Henry up from his nap so he was a disaster. And then my husband dragged a baseball bat and balls out with us so you can imagine how interested they were in taking pictures... Luckily, I managed to bribe Henry to stop the tears and even convinced him to smile for a shot that was card worthy. But here's an outtake:
Thanksgiving-0756 Thanksgiving-0770 Thanksgiving-0769 Thanksgiving-0773 Thanksgiving-0775
And then it was time for our family to come together and eat a delicious Thanksgiving dinner. My mother-in-law did it all, y'all. She's amazing. And a great cook! That being said, Henry still insisted on eating Cheerios...
Thanksgiving-0794 Thanksgiving-0797 Thanksgiving-0803 Thanksgiving-0805 Thanksgiving-0810 Thanksgiving-0808 Thanksgiving-0811 Thanksgiving-0819

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  1. Remember how you met me so that I would have my 50mm lens for Thanksgiving. I decided to put in a new battery before I left so I'd have a fully charged camera for the trip--and as it turned out, the battery I put in was 95% dead, so I barely go any shots of Thanksgiving. I need to do better next time because yours are GREAT!