Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving Part 1

You'll have to forgive me... it's been a long time since I've been "on vacation". I've worked and worked and worked all year and a five day trip to Michigan was my first break in months. And I actually didn't work for three whole days of it.

I took advantage of my time off and enjoyed my time with my family immensely. But just because I was taking a break from work, I certainly wasn't taking a break from my camera. {It's so shiny and new and full-framed and fabulous} Therefore, I have to break up the Thanksgiving pictures in THREE separate blogs... Eeek!

We spent our Thanksgiving at my husband's childhood home in Birmingham, MI which is a gorgeous suburb of Detroit. I absolutely love going "home" there. The houses are all older with lots of land and charming character and the downtown area of restaurants and shopping is adorable.

On Tuesday, we took the boys to lunch at my very favorite Coney Island in downtown Birmingham - Greek Islands - for a greek salad and chicken finger pitas. This picture of the boys has to be one of my top favorite instagrams!

After lunch, Charlie asked to go "back to that park where you can slide down the hill on cardboard", so we headed to Booth Park which has a turf covered hill - perfect for sliding - and is also in downtown Birmingham.

Charlie was thrilled to find a seven year old boy at the park who shared his love for Mario plush toys. Henry did NOT love that his brother was playing with someone else...
Thanksgiving-0433 Thanksgiving-0437 Thanksgiving-0445 Thanksgiving-0441 Thanksgiving-0392 Thanksgiving-0393 Thanksgiving-0417 Thanksgiving-0413 Thanksgiving-0486 Thanksgiving-0492 Thanksgiving-0490 Thanksgiving-0422 Thanksgiving-0388

Apparently Henry was making quite the scene as he chased his brother and the new friend around the park while screaming that they "COME BACK HERE!!". Mike and I decided to distract the sad little man by putting him in the swings and the sandbox. That kind of helped...
Thanksgiving-0400 Thanksgiving-0401 Thanksgiving-0408 Thanksgiving-0403 Thanksgiving-0410 Thanksgiving-0404 Thanksgiving-0461 Thanksgiving-0460 Thanksgiving-0459 Thanksgiving-0464 Thanksgiving-0473 Thanksgiving-0465 Thanksgiving-0483 Thanksgiving-0467
And this tunnel just made for some cool pictures...
Thanksgiving-0454 Thanksgiving-0455 Thanksgiving-0458
We felt that all the calorie-burning we did by playing at the park meant we were due for some Franklin Cider Mill donuts. Ahhhhhhh. The Franklin Cider Mill. A Robertson family fall Michigan tradition. It's so good, you guys. Cold cider and hot cinnamon donuts. Soooooooo good.
Thanksgiving-0499 Thanksgiving-0500 Thanksgiving-0510 Thanksgiving-0504 Thanksgiving-0505 Thanksgiving-0513 Thanksgiving-0517 Thanksgiving-0521 Thanksgiving-0516 Thanksgiving-0523 Thanksgiving-0527
The only problem -- and really, this is only a MINOR problem since there is so little that could go wrong when you're talking donuts and apple cider -- but... the only problem is the ducks. Outside of the cider mill, there is a little stream FULL of big, fat, happy ducks who survive off the leftovers of the patrons. Seriously, they're really fat. I'm pretty sure every single one of the ducks has cardiovascular disease with a diet consisting solely of donuts.

So the problem with the ducks is that my kids LOVED them. Last year, they figured out that they could feed them and they'd all swarm around them and gobble up leftover donuts. While this is adorable, and I agree, totally fun, my kids WASTED all their donuts on the ducks!!!! That's just WRONG! These are PRECIOUS, PRECIOUS donuts that only exist for a small time during the fall season and are 500 miles away from our home in DC -- and they fed them TO THE DAMN, DIRTY DUCKS!!! Do kids value NOTHING these days!? One dozen doughy, fried, cinnamon donuts gobbled up by fat ducks. What are we teaching our children if not to value rare, seasonal and regional donuts!?
Thanksgiving-0497 Thanksgiving-0519 Thanksgiving-0498

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  1. It's okay, my Thanksgiving had to be a lot of posts too. And you have so many great photos!