Thursday, December 13, 2012

Boston Part 1: Nephews

Well, it's official. My family now consists of FOUR male heirs. Our family names will live on.

Oddly, my brother and my husband are both the only remaining males in their respective families who COULD carry on the family names. And oddly, they have both made two boys each. We now have backups for lineage if need be. Ok, ancestors! We've got it covered now! Can you PLEASE send some X chromosomes our way in the future?

I am, of course, only slightly yearning for a girl. I could fill my home until it was bursting at the seams with wild, silly, dirty, funny, crazy boys! I do sooooo love the many boys in my life. Boys mean a life of cars and planes and TRAINS! OH MY!! These are all things that this girlie mama has grown to love and cherish as they make all my boys soooo happy! And really, nothing is cuter than hearing the "chugga chuggas" and the "vroom vrooms"!

We flew to Boston last weekend for my nephew, Olly's, second birthday and to visit my brother who had just added another baby boy, Weston, into our lives.

We travel a lot but have been able to drive most places lately so the boys were STOKED to finally be taking a plane!
photo-106 photo-105
I love Boston!! It's always so fun to visit my brother there! We rented a minivan (awesome.) and headed over, as Charlie likes to point out, one of the Top Ten Best Bridges in the World (according to the Travel Channel), and made our way out to the suburbs to my brother's house.
photo-107 photo-104
The boys very quickly dumped out their backpacks and started setting up train tracks for their cousin and I very quickly got my hands on the sweetest, newest, most adorable bundle of nephew ever!!
Boston_blog-4300 Boston_blog-4301
It completely surprised me how interested the boys both were in their newest cousin. They were both very attentive and sweet to him. Charlie wanted to help us and hold him. I was mostly worried for Henry's reaction to the baby. I was worried he wouldn't really even acknowledge him at all and I'd have to be blocking the baby from being haphazardly trampled! But Henry doted on him. He gave him blankets to keep him warm and he'd often just go up to him and pat him lightly. It was very sweet. Mama Translation: I think my boys would adjust to a third baby just fine. Maybe it's time...? Sooner. Or later. Maybe.
Boston_blog-4305 Boston_blog-4303
Boston_blog-4314 Boston_blog-4397 Boston_blog-4358 Boston_blog-4372 Boston_blog-4442
But, really, who could resist a two week old baby!? ALL of us spent the whole weekend snuggling the little guy. He's a sweet, calm, TINY newborn. We all got lots of love-time with him!
Boston_blog-4445 Boston_blog-4456 Boston_blog-4452 Boston_blog-4381 Boston_blog-4385 photo-108 photo-91 Boston_blog-4380
When I wasn't loving on Weston, I was loving on my other amazing and precious nephew, Olly Bear. UH!! He's so sweet and GORGEOUS and I just adore him! And he adored his cousins. He was thrilled that they were there -- and even more thrilled that they brought a backpack FULL of trains! He played with them all weekend making the cutest "chugga chugga chugga" noises.
photo-109 photo-110 Boston_blog-4364 Boston_blog-4366 Boston_blog-4363 Boston_blog-4395 Boston_blog-4396
I mean, does it get any cuter than this??

After a weekend with all these amazing little boys, I feel like a very lucky mama/ auntie!!


  1. Love the pictures! Especially that last one with the colored lights!

  2. I could also have four sons. That's probably why you, me, and Rach are friends. My favorite is Henry resting his chin on his hand!