Monday, December 17, 2012

Boston Part 3: Birthday

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My sweet nephew, Olly, had his second birthday party at a wonderful gym in his neighborhood. It was an amazing place to unleash 20+ kiddos! They loved it!! There were ride-on cars, tricycles, a train table, basketball, kitchen play and everyone's favorite, a parachute... It. Was. Awesome.
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Olly and Henry loved the trains, of course...
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I *might* have started a family bumper-trike war... I just *might* have...
photo-114 photo-116
And my mom and Henry made up with a fun game with the basketballs...

But the parachute was the grand finale!
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And no birthday party is complete until there is cake. LOTS of cake!

Olly was so excited to hear the birthday song that he clapped and blew kisses at the end! It was seriously the world's cutest thing any toddler has ever done. Ever.
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And Olly's pretty mommy helped him blow out his candles.
And then they feasted!!
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