Thursday, December 20, 2012

Well, That Was Fun

A few weeks ago, Rachel had an idea. She thought we should have our hair done at the new Dry Bar in Georgetown before the company Christmas party. In the middle of the afternoon. On a Friday. In December. Despite the fact that we were guaranteed a horrible traffic experience, we made appointments because we don't like to turn down each other's ideas. Like, ever. The location was amongst the adorable shops and restaurants of Georgetown and we nabbed a coveted meter spot within a block of our destination {score!} right in front of the world's cutest macaroon shop {yes, we bought some. And no, we did not wait for them to come to room temperature before scarfing them down}. The Dry Bar was amazing! It was decorated in grey and yellow {my favorite!} and my blow out was fab. It took two hours to get home... But, my hair lasted for THREE days. Unreal. Sooo worth it.
photo-130 photo-131

Mike's company Christmas party was amazing {and so was my hair! Can I get that done everyday?}! They moved the party from the usual fancy Tysons hotel ballroom to the Dulles Air & Space Museum. It was amazing - AMAZING! We love the Air & Space Museum anyway -- but to be there at night in a pretty dress on my husband's arm with cocktails and desserts served around the Discovery Space Shuttle - I mean... AMAZING!!! I am VERY grateful to my husband's company for such a lovely party. We never made it to the dance floor but we ate delicious food and talked to LOTS of great people. I was thrilled to know the photographer -- a really fabulous talent out of Leesburg, Jeanette Burkle. After last year's party, I started taking classes with her. She taught me so many things about photography and really sparked all of my ambition this year. It was a really beautiful evening.
photo-129 photo-128

A few weeks ago, I had an idea. I really wanted to see The Nutcracker ballet this Christmas and since I don't have any daughters and my boys all refused to go, I convinced my dear friend, Rachel, to be my date. {Did I mention we're really good at agreeing to each other's ideas??} We saw Septime Webre's production put on by the Washington Ballet at the Warner Theater. I'd never seen The Nutcracker performed before and it took my breath away. This particular production was set in historic Washington DC with Clara's home in Georgetown, a George Washington Nutcracker, Red Coat Rat King and the Waltz of the Cherry Blossoms! Oh! How I just loved the DC-ness of it!! The costumes were so beautiful with my favorite being the Cherry Blossom fairies who wore tutus of dripping pink blossoms. It was dreamy and I really think I should be a ballerina for the next chapter of my life. It's easy to pick that up, right??
photo-125 photo-124

On Sunday and for the third day in a row, I went into the city. Without kids. What a weekend vacation!

My friends and I had a girls shopping day in Georgetown! For some reason, most of my friends are Type A -- so this Type B was the only one who was on a desperate mission nine days before the holiday needing to still buy all the Christmas gifts! Luckily, everyone was totally fine following me around to the stores on my list! With a stop for lunch at Thunder Burger with brunch mojitos and raspberry mimosas, those charge cards were most happy to splurge and indulge! I bought a hat which was not on my list but OH-SO-CUTE! And the perfect accessory for a day in Georgetown!
photo-123 photo-121 photo-118 photo-120 photo-117 photo-119

We had tickets to see The Killers play at the Patriot Center!! I first heard of The Killers with their debut hit - Mr. Brightside -- which came out eons ago when I was studying at George Mason University. I remember seeing the video for the first time while eating lunch in a cafeteria that was playing MTV-U and falling in love with Brandon Flowers. Being back on GMU campus for the concert seemed oddly cyclical. We were also with our best friends -- who were the only other people who knew The Killers back when we lived in Nowhere, Texas. We all used to put the kids to bed and gather in front of our Wii to play Guitar Hero and strum along to When You Were Young or blast the album on our iPhone speakers during a driveway party. It was all so perfect to be where we were with the people we were with.

I also love my pair of really amazing hipster-like red-rimmed glasses and all the teenage-esque instagram kissy faces that just felt right while wearing them.
photo-139 photo-137 photo-132 photo-138 photo-136 photo-133 photo-134 photo-135

Well, that was fun. A lot of fun. The most fun I've had without my Nikon in a long time. A very lovely break. With a lot less editing.


  1. We need to grow some backbones. :) And the light was pretty much terrible everywhere we went--the Nikon would have been sad.

    1. DRY BAR. Without me? I wish we had a good excuse to go when I come in March.