Monday, September 24, 2012

An Apple a Day

My hubby and Charlie had tickets to the Nationals game. My best friend's husband was out of town leaving her to need something to do to entertain her kiddos. And my cousin had a morning horse riding lesson at a barn close to my home and wanted to hang out afterwards.

All of these things came together for a really amazing day at Stribling Orchard in Markum, Virginia with my best friend, her kiddos, my cousin and my little squeeze, Henry.

I had never been apple picking before! It seemed like the most wonderful thing to do on a late and perfect September Sunday.

I wish I could shut up about how much I love Virginia -- but I just don't think I can. Driving just 30 miles west to reach the orchard was as beautiful a drive as it could be with mountains reaching up into the brilliant blue sky. The leaves are still very green but you can see some color trying to find its way onto the leaves.
Apples-0181 Apples-0180 Apples-0188
Apples-0176 Apples-0119 Apples-0146 Apples-0100 Apples-0079 Apples-0081 Apples-0051 Apples-0040 Apples-0045 Apples-0096 Apples-0059 Apples-0061 Apples-0064 Apples-0068 Apples-0072 Apples-0106 Apples-0121-2 Apples-0167 Apples-0166 Apples-0165 Apples-0163 Apples-0161 Apples-0157 Apples-0156 Apples-0158 Apples-0130-2 Apples-0129-2 Apples-0149 Apples-0140 Apples-0142 Apples-0172 Apples-0173


  1. What a wonderful day...what an awesome memory.

  2. My grad school professor was Staci Stribling! She had so many neat stories about the work of an orchard! I love that place!

  3. Gorgeous. I want to know what presets you are using and I also really want to pick apples. So pretty!

  4. Thanks, Rach! I have so many presets it's really disgusting. You have fonts. I have presets! :) But I'm also in WAY over my head trying to learn PS... I'm sure I'll be acquiring an arsenal of "actions" soon!