Friday, September 21, 2012

Easy Rider

Charlie has had his bike for a long time. Since... well, since then:
Yes, that's right. He got that bike way back in the pre-DSLR days of 2009. He was 5 and a half (such a cute lil' man, right!?) and I had just had the world's most screamingest (that's a word, I've decided), never-sleeping-longer-than-one-hour baby... See how pretty I looked on no sleep?
He wasn't super excited to get the bike. He really wanted Super Mario Bros for the Wii and was way more into that present than anything else. But he humored us and enjoyed riding it around on those flat Texas roads...
IMG_5897 IMG_5899
... Until Mike and I decided it was time to take off his training wheels when we moved to VA in 2011. After that, he just refused to get on it. This was not really a big deal in my opinion. I could tell the thought of it made him nervous. And he loved his scooter and rode it like a freaking maniac -- so I figured, who needs another mode of kid transport to scare me half to death that he's going to fall and break body parts?

A few months ago, Mike and I got bikes. And then we bought a trailer for Henry. At that point, it became pretty important that he learn to ride his bike if we were ever going to be able to take our own bikes out. Selfish parenting decision to force him to ride his bike so we could ride ours? Totally. But my butt has never looked the same since I gave him life, so... he owed me.

Last weekend, as my dad, Mike and Charlie walked outside to start the lessons, I was expecting tears, frustration and falls. And was surprised when it was the easiest, stress-free kid accomplishment we've ever experienced. He literally climbed on it -- and was off! It's like little elves came in the house at night and taught him how to ride it while us oblivious parents slept. My sweet boy! I was so proud of him! And he was so proud of himself. We celebrated with his favorite ice cream later that day.

I was really sick while this was all happening so I didn't take very interesting pictures, but you'll get the idea.
Bike-0235 Bike-0236 Bike-0244 Bike-0238 Bike-0250 Bike-0251

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