Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Henry's First Days of Preschool

Yes, that says "days" - as in more than one. Plural. My kids always have an unofficial and an official first day of school. Also known as, the open house and the real first day of school. I separate them out because usually I get the most pictures at the open house but I am weirdly weird about using those classroom shots in describing the first day of school because that would be lying - lying!!!!! And after 13 years of Catholic School, I know to save all my lying for only the really good stuff.

Henry's Unofficial First Day of School

Ok. So, the open house was from 10-noon. This reads to me as "show up no earlier than 11:30". I was thinking 11:30 was a generous time since I really had planned on using 10 minutes to look at the classroom and then 20 minutes to chat with my mommy friends and hopefully convince one to go out to lunch with me.

Blargh. So annoying that all the other mommies are on-timers and had come, seen and left by 11:30 and I was stuck in my child's classroom - alone - with a teacher who did not find my adorable proclamation that she shouldn't worry because "I'm notoriously late" as adorable at all... and then I had a 30 minute lecture from said teacher on the proper approach to Henry's new preschool class... of which, being on time "is preferred". Ugh.

As I pretended like I was still listening to the fifteenth time she told me I'd have to leave at drop off even if my child was crying, I snapped a few pictures of Henry being adorable.
Hpreschooll-0009 Hpreschool-0011
Here he is being adorable while stealing toy cars from other kids:
PenderHill-0014 HPreschool-0017 PenderHill-0020
Disclaimer: Even though I wasn't giving them credit in my description, Henry's teachers are very sweet and incredible with the children. They're thorough, routined and orderly, which I've been told, is actually a good thing. And probably also pretty important when caring for 12 precious little lives. And I'm totally looking forward to being too scared to show up late and therefore having that extra half-hour of school time when I'm usually running late to use for myself!

Henry's Official First Day of School

There are lots of adorable ways to pose your kids for pictures on their first day at preschool. I've seen kids next to chalkboards with the date written on them or holding custom printed signs all over Pinterest and FB. So, so cute... And I totally forgot to do something like that... Maybe I'll do another post called "Henry's Second Day of Preschool When Mom Remembered to Set Up a Cute Shoot".

I did take some shots of Henry playing with his shirt next to my dying plant...
Hpreschool-0023 Hpreschool-0024

When we got to school (on time!!!!), we ran into our friend, Max, and his mommy had done a great job of dressing him and getting him a real backpack. So, I took some proper shots of him.
Hpreschool-0026 Hpreschool-0028
Max was wearing Mini Boden cords and Cars accessories. Adorbs!
Hpreschool-0027 Hpreschool-0029
Henry was a little nervous when we got to school. Nervous and gorgeous. 
Hpreschool-0033 Hpreschool-0038 Hpreschool-0048
But it only took a minute in his classroom before he was super annoyed with my picture taking... "Nooooo!!!" So, we washed hands and I bent down to tell him goodbye. He said "No! I coming with you" and started to cry. I sort of remembered that the teacher had said I was supposed to leave even if he was crying, so I had to pass him off and actually leave my baby there... sad.
Hpreschool-0041 Hpreschool-0042
While H was at preschool, hopefully no longer crying, I got a pedicure, shopped leisurely at Homegoods, and went to lunch with my girlfriend and her gorgeous daughter, Anna. Amaze!!!
photo-54 photo-55
When I picked Henry up, we had both had a wonderful break and were so happy to see each other! Henry had a wonderful day! As he described it: "I go outside. I build city. I play train." Such a big boy now!!!
Hpreschool-0044 Hpreschool-0050
He loved to point out the letters on this wall last year. New twist this year? He can now say their sounds, too! Smartie pants!!
You mean we have to take more pictures after school is out?!!? Oh, mom. You're too funny.
Hpreschool-0056 Hpreschool-0059


  1. Oh Jenn, I could read you for hours. Cracked me up -- the lying concept -- and LOVED your description of the teacher fact, LOVED everything about this post. LOVED IT LOVED IT LOVED IT.

  2. (Comment # 2) Also, thought the pictures were great. Almost as good as being there -- and cracked up the concept of pictures on the Second Day of preschool. Just awesome.