Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Decorating The Tree & Watching Elf

I love Christmas. But this year, I'm feeling VERY overwhelmed. I'm usually ahead of the game. Thanksgiving passes and the tree is up, cards sent, the advent calendar filled, the decorations out and presents ordered or bought and hidden in the house.

Aside from all the Holiday Starbucks I've been drinking, I got nothing on Christmas. December 1st passed and Charlie checked our advent calendar every day, disappointed. I finally had to tell him that Mommy is busy and it'll happen when it happens - EEK! That was a very sad parental moment...

So, once the photoshoots ended and the parties were blogged, I was DETERMINED to get the Christmas tree up before we left for a weekend trip to Boston. Ok, well I wasn't that determined at first because I was really tired the night we got the tree out. I told Charlie he could decorate it while I fell asleep on the couch. See how well he did??

The next night, I had more energy so I pulled all the ornaments off (I loved Charlie's version so much that this pained me to do... but the need for pictures overruled the adorableness of the middle-of-the-tree decorating style) and we started from scratch.
This was the first year that Henry was able to help put ornaments on the tree! He loved it and -- in Henry fashion -- wanted to do it himself without help. He was so proud when he figured it out!
Christmas_blog-1959 Christmas_blog-1961 Christmas_blog-1962 Christmas_blog-1970 Christmas_blog-1974
Charlie decorates very seriously.
Christmas_blog-1975 Christmas_blog-1978 Christmas_blog-1980
Daddy helps with the tree topper!

After the tree was decorated, we all sat down to watch Elf. I ADORE the movie Elf. It is one of my very favorite Christmas movies. I saw it in the theater with my brother back in 2003 -- with my sweet Charlie in my belly. It was so fun to watch Charlie giggle and belly laugh at all the funniest parts.
photo-89 photo-90
Christmas_blog-1985 Christmas_blog-1991 Christmas_blog-1996
I love the bokeh lights of our tree!
Christmas_blog-2005 Christmas_blog-2007

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