Friday, January 4, 2013

And Then It Was Christmas Eve

Christmas_web-3407 Have I mentioned how unprepared for the holiday I was this year? Have I mentioned how busy I was all month and how everything just snuck up on me? Well, Christmas Eve shocked me. How was it already one day away from Christmas?

We spent the day following our semi-traditions. I backed Mike's car out of the garage to run an errand and smashed the side view mirror against the trash cans. That's not a normal Christmas Eve tradition but, it happened. The objects were closer than they appeared, apparently. I blamed this completely on Mike for parking the car too close but really, I shouldn't be allowed to back cars out of garages.

We went to the children's church service in the evening. It was a really sweet service with an adorable nativity play put on by children. The kids were so pumped up that they handed out glow sticks for the "candlelight" singing of Silent Night. They were so well behaved and sweet in church until Mike popped one of the glow sticks and made it start glowing a half an hour too early. Then they started playing lightsaberss. Of course. After I convinced them there was no lightsabering in church, they used them to play doctor and look in each other's ears and mouth...
IMG_7187 IMG_7206 photo-146 IMG_7217
Last year, my brother was in town for Christmas and his tradition with his wife is to go to Cheesecake Factory on Christmas Eve for dinner. We all went together last year and my family really loved it, so we decided to go again this year. I went in SWEARING I was not eating so much that I'd have no room for cheesecake (since I've never, ever made it to the cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory). But, I ordered my favorite shrimp pasta and ate so much. So, so much. I couldn't fit in another bite.

And finally, we ended our day with the tradition of reading Twas The Night Before Christmas to the boys. I love this tradition. I love them both snuggled on my lap, excited and hopeful for what the morning will bring.

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