Wednesday, January 9, 2013

And Then It Was Christmas

Charlie was up early, of course. But this year we told him he had to wait until 8am before we'd start opening gifts. He was PAINED by this. I kept telling him that when I was a little girl, it was 9am. I have been telling lots of "when I was a little girl" stories lately. It makes me feel very old but I can't stop. It just keeps coming out of my mouth in morally anecdote-ish tales... But anyway, This just meant he was going to spend the two extra hours staring at the tree and checking everything out.
Christmas_web-3435 Christmas_web-3441
The second the clock turned to 8, Charlie begged to go wake up Henry. I let him wake him up so I could photograph them coming down the stairs. Henry gave me some real winners as he picked his nose the entire flight down...
Christmas_web-3442 Christmas_web-3444 Christmas_web-3445 Christmas_web-3448 Christmas_web-3460 Christmas_web-3451 Christmas_web-3452 Christmas_web-3454 Christmas_web-3463 Christmas_web-3478
Henry started asking for "Team Umizoomi" toys in late November. He had never even SEEN them, he just wanted some. Once he asked for them, it's ALL he asked for the entire month of December. It was super sweet to see him open up the boxes with Millie, Geo and Bot inside. He was happy.
Christmas_web-3480 Christmas_web-3466 Christmas_web-3467 Christmas_web-3487 Christmas_web-3484 Christmas_web-3485 Christmas_web-3477 Christmas_web-3472 Christmas_web-3475
Charlie's big gift this year was the Wii U with a new Super Mario Brothers game. It's ALL he asked for. I was resistant to let him ask Santa for such a big gift. I told him it's a very pricey thing for Santa to buy and also, they were very hard to find and Santa might not be able to get one. Charlie, very seriously, told me that Santa would just MAKE one and it wouldn't be a problem... Oy. How they grow up and best their parents at their own games...
Christmas_web-3493 Christmas_web-3496 Christmas_web-3500 Christmas_web-3506 Christmas_web-3509 Christmas_web-3513 Christmas_web-3514

We spent our Christmas evening at our best friend's house for dinner. We've been frying a turkey on Christmas with our best friends for years. It is SOOOO good. If you've never fried a turkey before, you must. It's amazing. And look at how manly it is. I mean, what's manlier than beers dressed up in pipe cleaners and googlie eyes to look like Rudolph!?
Christmas_web-3516 Christmas_web-3517 Christmas_web-3519

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