Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hockey Is Back

Whoo hoo!!! Hockey is back!!

Ha ha ha ha. Ok, ok. So, I don't actually care. But, my husband does. And I have two little boys who I should probably encourage to enjoy sports so they can develop some sort of man confidence. When the Capitals sent an email out last week saying there'd be a fan appreciation night at Verizon Center to welcome in the season with an open practice, I couldn't disappoint all those boys just because I can never keep my eyes on that darn puck and never remember the rules of the game! Plus, they were giving out free food!! On Thursday, we joined 10,000 other Caps fans and went into DC with our best friends, The Allens.

The kids loved riding the metro. Henry is really into trains right now and of course, the metro totally counts as an authentic choo-choo! He climbed on board, insisted on sitting with the big boys and lit up with smiles as it started to move!

Our kids are loud. And full of energy. And so are their moms. Jenny and I were pretty sure that the young professional who took the seat behind us was texting his entire contacts list to let them know he'd never be having children and if he did, they'd be much more well behaved on the metro.
photo-148 photo-147
We got to the Verizon Center about 10 minutes before the doors opened and the line to get in was at least two blocks long. It was insane! And the considerate young lady in front of us was smoking a cigarette. Classy.

We threw a couple 'bows and got some great seats a few rows up from the ice! Mike and Brad The kids were so excited.
IMG_4051 IMG_4059 IMG_4050 IMG_4093
The practice was pretty fun. The free food meant waiting in a long line but the soft pretzels were delicious and the kids had FREE dippin' dots which pretty much made their year. After the players hit a bunch of pucks for an hour, they skated around and threw tshirts over the glass and did a round of adorable interviews where the players talked about fun stuff like their wives and new babies.
photo-149 photo-151
Gangnam Style started playing and the audience started showing up on the jumbotron. The kids were dancing and trying to get the cameras' attention when I looked up and saw ME on the big screen. I wish I had done something cool but instead it spooked me and I screamed! I'd like to think it was intentional and not coincidence that the "sexy lady" part of the song was playing when I was on the screen...
photo-150 photo-152
We're such a lucky group to have so many fun things to do and extra special friends to do them with.

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