Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Standard

If you read my blog, or have friended me on Facebook, or follow me on Instagram, or see my occasional tweets, then you might know that I am friends with Rachel. We developed our friendship over the last year with fairly regular playdates to Fairfax Corner for Chipotle lunches and Pinkberry desserts. Sure, we could have mixed it up and gone to different restaurants or different locations. But we really like Chipotle. And Pinkberry. Eventually, we just stopped asking where we should go for a playdate and know that The Standard is happening. Again.
Henry-4438 Henry-4439 Henry-4441 Henry-4444
Chipotle is delicious! And my extremely picky toddler will eat there! And you can put corn on tacos! And the water cups have lids! And the guacamole is soooo worth the extra cost! We used to buy one guacamole for all of us. But now we need two because Fin likes to eat the whole thing. With a fork. As Rach would say - Normal.
Henry-4448 Henry-4449 Henry-4451 Henry-4453
The Standard has several common themes. One of them is that Brady will be adorable. And messy.
Henry-4450 Henry-4454
Another is that Henry and Fin will want to walk climb on the benches and other parents will evil-eye shame us for letting them.
Henry-4457 Henry-4458 Henry-4463
And the best standard of The Standard is the Pinkberry, of course!
Henry-4478 Henry-4480
If you have not had the Chocolate Hazelnut topped with dark chocolate crunch, raspberries and hazelnut wafers, well, then you're probably a very sad and miserable human being in desperate need of Pinkberry. You should go get some.
Henry-4486 Henry-4490 Henry-4493
These boys are cute. Standard.


  1. I must have been really pretty since they are all looking at me in that last picture. I mean, why would we go anywhere else? It's just too easy/delicious/convenient!

  2. I LOVE the last photo. We're doing this in March right? Is Henry going to be my friend?

  3. Love little traditions like this...and LOVE the last picture too! Cute boys. Come back to Texas, please.