Thursday, March 28, 2013

Chuck's Wreck-It-Ralph Easter Basket

Getting Charlie's basket together and photographed proved fairly difficult since he's home for Spring Break this week. I finally told him that he didn't have to clean his room anymore if he went in the basement and watched tv with his brother for at least 30 minutes. Sweet deal all around. I locked myself in the guest room and took some quick photos.
I wasn't going to buy any plastic eggs this year but I found this pack at Target of JUST BOY COLORS!! I was so thrilled that I could buy a pack without any pink or purple eggs that I just HAD to find a purpose for them. I don't mind a little candy in their baskets but I don't like to go over the top so we usually fill the eggs with fruit chews which they think is candy. But I came across a free printable here of egg coupons that I thought would be a lot more fun and a lot less sugary. I feel like the printable is actually web-sized and not suitable for print, hence the hard-to-read and much-too-light font but it's only a few days until Easter so we are going to go with it. She also provides a page of blank coupons for you to write in your own ideas for "special treats".
Charlie loved Wreck-It-Ralph and has been waiting and waiting for the DVD. I think he's asked for it every single time we've gone to Target in the last month and I've had to dodge the pleading since I bought it weeks ago. I found a couple of WIR figurines to tuck in too.
Since we are headed to Disney in a few weeks, I found a book about Walt Disney, plus a few interactive science books from the $1 spot at Target and another book he's been wanting as well.
I think the "big" surprise will be the Lego City set!!

I do sneak a little bit of candy in the basket - just the favorites - peanut butter eggs and mini m&m's. Most of the remaining treats are rice krispie treats, goldfish crackers and any fruit chews that make it into the eggs.
Happy Easter, all!!

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