Saturday, March 23, 2013

Hank's Peter Pan Easter Basket

A few years ago, I caved to the mommy-urge to buy the Pottery Barn Kids easter baskets. However, in my procrastinating & forgetful fashion, by the time I got around to ordering them, the normal sized baskets were sold out. So, the boys got the upgrade to the GIANT baskets. Seriously, y'all, they're huge. And pretty much out of control. And now I'm stuck filling the world's most oversized baskets every year. Poor kids...

This year, I decided to theme them out. We are headed to Disneyworld next month so I thought I'd get the boys excited for the vacay with their baskets overflowing with Disney. We picked up the DVD of Peter Pan a few weeks ago and Henry is particularly fond of the movie. I decided to fill his basket with all the Peter Pan things he's been asking for -- and then some.
2013-03-23_0002 2013-03-23_0005
A bunch of Disney loot was available on the dollar spot at Target for the last few weeks so I grabbed a few things for Henry's basket (and a few more to save for the Disney trip). I scored a coloring book, stickers and a play pack all for $1 each!
I found Tic Toc Croc (Henry's favorite) at Target in the Jake and the Neverland Pirates section of the toy aisles. I found Peter on Amazon but he's also at the Disney store. He's huge at 20 inches long. But cute.
I really wanted to buy Return to Neverland on DVD but it's been discontinued so the price is astronomical for a copy. Henry, oddly, doesn't like the Jake series but I thought he might come around if he saw the episode with Peter Pan. It's on sale at Target right now for $9.99 and has five additional Jake episodes as well.

I was on a mission to buy the Peter Pan book (the full Disney-illustrated version) for the basket. Remember those? I used to have a TON of them when I was a kid. They made them as a full retelling of every movie. They apparently don't make them anymore. You can buy the vintage ones on etsy and I found a couple at an antique store in Leesburg but they just couldn't compare to the Disney Storybook Collection. This book was $10 shipped (yay for Prime!) and it has the full Peter Pan story in it as well as a bunch of others. I'm actually thrilled I went with this book because we can read ALL the Disney tales before our trip and it will familiarize H with any characters he doesn't know already. 2013-03-23_0006
I'm not big on putting a ton of candy in their baskets. They usually get sick of it after a day and it just stares at me until I eat it. We usually just do a chocolate bunny, m&ms (Henry's favorite) and Reeses Eggs (my favorite). I put fruit by the foot and fruit chews in plastic eggs for hunting which they love because I don't ever allow them as snacks.
I'm kind of confused why I am so ahead of the game this year and have everything all ready and blogged a week before the holiday! But that will make this week a lot less stressful! I feel like such a grown up!

Happy (early) Easter!

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  1. Ahh Jenn. These boys couldn't have found a better mother if they tried. You are so so so skilled at making them happy. They have no idea how lucky they are --