Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Why You Need An Expodisc

For those interested in photography, I have recently purchased an expodisc and I think you should too.

Here's why:
Expodisc-6418 copy
No. My bathroom is not peachy-pink. This is what my camera decided white looks like under tungsten lights.

And this is what I told my camera white looks like in my bathroom with my expodisc:
Expodisc-6417 copy
It's sooo much better to tell your camera what to do over letting it make any decisions, don't you think?

I'll repeat this fun exercise with my expodisc again when I remember to add in a test shot under the tungsten WB setting and choosing kelvin.

But honestly, the expodisc is relatively inexpensive and so quick and easy and ACCURATE. I'm kind of obsessed.

Go get one. Now.


  1. I'm super proud of you for adding text! Read the second photo again though. :) Business expense for me, right?

    1. Sometimes it's fun to misspell to see who's really looking. Duh.