Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Green Eggs and Snow

Those who know me know that I'm never on time. Much less ever early. But last night was Charlie's 3rd grade class music program and for some reason with Mike out of town on biz, I'm TOTALLY on my game. I decided I'd try showing up early so we could get front row seats {because, ya' know, I needed pictures}. Henry and I got the last two remaining front row seats! I was so excited! I had never made it on time to anything before to get the front row!!! I felt like Super Mom. I also had packed my bags with two cameras fitted with different lenses because I'm crazy.


Henry is a surprisingly good toddler. As much as he drives me insane at home with his sneaking into the pantry and scaling counters scavenging for candy, in public, he's extremely good. He's still a toddler, mind you, but he's really good. We showed up at 6:15pm for a 7pm show. First, he sat in his chair. Then he sat in his chair upside down. And then he ran in circles in the little space in front of us. All while I happily chatted with a friend of mine. It was kind of amazing. 

March5-6444 March5-6445
March5-6447 March5-6455

The show was adorable. School programs have a way of making me cry my mommy eyes out with it's sweetness and the reminder of how wonderful and special childhood is. I usually have tears through the whole thing! They sang and acted out Green Eggs & Ham because, afterall, it is Dr. Suess week and that seems to be quite the event in elementary school.

Charlie HATES school music programs. He says this year's was much better than last year's when he had to sing about bugs and wear a pink tshirt {oh, lord, how he complained about that!} but he still didn't like it. He's that kid who rolls his eyes the whole time and only pretends to sing. I had to keep mouthing to him to take him hands away from his face so I could take pictures that at least faked like he was enjoying it!

March5-0058 March5-0055

Henry loved the show. The kid sat on his chair the whole time and ate. it. up. At one point, the music teacher encouraged audience participation to make rain-sounding noises with snapping and rubbing palms together. He was sooo into it!!!

March5-6473 March5-6475

Here's a pretty accurate picture of Charlie during his school music programs. Ah, jeez. He's definitely not getting this from his mom! I was always the kid who was totally mad if I wasn't front and center. Let's not even talk about how many 'bows I'd throw to get a line!!


After the show, the kids were really pumped up with the predictions for snow and the prospect of not having school the next day. They ran around like wild banchees on the bleachers and around the gym! Henry thinks he's 9 like the big boys and just climbed right up to play with them. He totally hasn't clued in to the fact that he's 3 feet shorter than all of them. He was wrestling and chasing them and trying to make them laugh. Such a nut! When the vice principal finally started to shut the bleachers with the automatic switch, all the boys pretended they were using the force. I just big puffy heart little boys. They are so full of energy and silliness.


I learned after the show that we had to go home and take some very serious measure to ensure that snow would, in fact, fall that night. If you're wondering how to make sure there is snow, follow these three very important steps {as described by third graders}.

1. Flush ice cubes down the toilet. Check.

2. Put a spoon under your pillow. Check.
March5-6483 March5-6484

3. Wear your pajamas inside out. Check!!! {I'm in LOVE with how annoyed Charlie was with me in that second picture. It took me a minute to toggle and he was rolling his eyes at me. Ah! Can't you just hear him saying "Mooooooom! Hurry up!"} Ha ha ha.

March5-6486 March5-6487

It worked!!! We have snow today! Those pictures will come in another post!! :)

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  1. who knew about the 3 important steps! Thanks for letting me know....will try here in Charlotte! GREAT post, little one! GREAT! Loved the pix of the boys pushing up the bleachers, including Henry.