Monday, September 17, 2012

The Potty Ninja by Unknowned

Before I had Henry, this blog was called "Charlie-isms" and centered on all the adorable and funny things Charlie did and said. He's still incredibly funny -- but man, that mom guilt and lack of free time sure forces you to have a blog about BOTH of them! However, today, we are welcoming back the classic stylings of Charlie the Hilarious.

We've got lots of "potty talk" going on in this house with Henry learning to ditch the diapers. And with two boys, pee and poop is a well-loved and often discussed subject anyway. We are currently at the stage where Henry tells me right before he does the number 1s and 2s. This means he's ready, right?? But, so far, all we can convince Henry to do is sit on the potty -- with his pants and diapers still on. But, I'm in no rush - at all. I'll get into the thick of it when I have a free weekend (when will that ever be!?!?!).

In the meantime, Charlie is very supportive of his baby brother's hopes for future toilet-domination. Yesterday, my ever-creative child decided to "write a book" to help his brother learn that going potty is awesome.

I've pretty much decided that this is the greatest potty-training book I've ever read. I'm certain it would be the next title to knock 50 Shades off the NY Time's list if I could get a publisher -- anyone out there in the book biz??

Please enjoy this ninja-guided step-by-step approach to potty training. And please remember, do not sit on the urinal.
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  1. That's the best thing I've ever seen ever. Ever.

  2. OMG that child is awesome. Must save this book for his own children...

  3. I just read this again because I think it's so funny. My favorite part is the butt cheeks. :)