Wednesday, January 9, 2013


They say that in the two years before we moved back to VA from TX that it snowed and snowed and snowed those winters... And in the two years since moving here, there's been nothing but unseasonably warm Texas-like winter conditions.

My poor Charlie. All that kid wants is a snowman. A real snowman. And he does NOT want to have to use up all the snow to make one. But, so far, we cannot get a break! We haven't seen a whole inch fall yet. But, it did snow - a little bit - on the day after Christmas. He was so excited. He put on all of his snow gear (which I had bought last year in anticipation that living this north would assuredly bring snow -- clearly jinxing us to NOT have any snow) and ran outside to start playing.
Wilken-1 Wilken-2 Wilken-3
After "all" that snow melted later that day, we drove down to Charlotte to spend the week with my parents. Luckily, Papa and Blah had come to the rescue with some "snow" for them to play with - even if it did come in a can requiring that you add water.
Wilken-14 Wilken-11 Wilken-13 Wilken-15 Wilken-18 Wilken-24 Wilken-26 Wilken-31 Wilken-30 Wilken-34 Wilken-35 Wilken-37 Wilken-38 Wilken-40

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  1. Love it! Wish I could send you some from my front yard! But I'm sure you dont want a wet cardboard box ;)