Monday, February 25, 2013

A Break from the Boys - Oscars Talk

I have loved the Oscars since I was a little girl. I just love the whole, beautiful, inspiring, glamourous event soooo much! I have always wanted to see ALL (or, like 75% at least) of the nominated movies before the show and have a big party and force all my friends to dress up and place bets on the winners... but alas, these two kids are totally killing my swag. I DO faithfully manage to see all of the animated nominees, so that's something. (I swear, I used to be so cool)

Anyway, here are some of my thoughts on last night's 85th Oscar ceremony...

1. Seth MacFarlane. Seriously? This dude kind of makes me feel like I really, really need to step up my life game. Let's talk first about how handsome he is. How did I not know he was so good looking? I feel like I'm really good at knowing who all the hot Hollywood men are -- but he definitely slipped my radar. And I learned last night that he can sing. Like, really well. He's got dance moves, too. The man-dance routine with Harry Potter and the little kid from Third Rock from the Sun - Old Hollywood adorable. I think I giggled like a school girl when they put their hands in their pockets and jigged around the stage. He writes, he animates... and he's clearly VERY funny. Who knew that Peter Griffin was a prodigy! I'm kind of in awe that someone who makes a living off fart jokes is also insanely talented in so many other things! When people are THAT talented, you know they're just RAKING in the dough. Mogul-wealthy. He's flipping mogul-wealthy. He's a total package and I think I might be swooning...

2. Jennifer Lawrence. I haven't seen a single one of her movies but she definitely just jumped to second place on my list of "People I Want to Stalk". See above for number one. But, seriously? How can someone that beautiful also seem totally normal and sweet and AWESOME? I desperately want to make her my best friend. I feel like so many celebrities just seem like they're really yucky people in real life and I don't feel much desire to fawn over them, but wow. She is just tooo adorable. And funny. When she said "You're all just standing up for me because I fell and you're trying to make me feel better and that's embarrassing" - I about had a girl crush heart attack! If you haven't seen her post interview where Jack Nicholas comes up to her - google it now. She has no idea, but we should really be besties. Also, I found a picture of her giving the finger while holding her Oscar. Swoon.

3. Anne Hathaway. Man, she's just gorgeous. Like, wow. But I didn't love her dress. It was the only dress I didn't love that also just made me mad. It reminded me of the pink dress that Gwen wore when she was winning her Oscar and I was kind of annoyed that Anne didn't pick something else. It was literally the EXACT same color pink. Also, the back. Don't stylists say "Girl, you've got a backwards necklace, a criss-cross, a bow, and a slit and that is just too much for one dress. And also, it's the exact same color as another very famous Oscar dress. So, take it off."? Do the stylists not say that? I feel like I would say that. LOVE the backward necklace trend, though.

 4. Ben Affleck getting snubbed for Best Director kind of makes me happy. He seems like he might be a jerk since he didn't take the noms he did receive more graciously. I don't think I want to hear another word about how poor Ben only got the Best Picture win and not a Best Director nod.  No. One. Cares. But... I just can't hate him too much. He had the good sense to pick Jennifer Garner and she's a slice of heaven so... I just can't hate him too much. Only a little. Just please shut up about the director thing.

 5. Speaking of Argo -- did anyone else notice that the Producer who accepted the Oscar for Argo (before Ben...) was also the nervous sidekick to Arnold Schwarzenegger from True Lies?? He is the CIA "cameraman" who hides a gun in his camera when he goes to save Arnold's daughter from the rooftop of a Miami skyscraper!!!! I know you ALL totally knew that. Side note: I have crazy recognition skills.

6. Kristen Chenoweth did Red Carpet interviews. She's also adorable and I want to stalk snuggle her.

7. The nine year old little girl who was nominated for Best Actress could NOT be any more adorable. At first I felt badly that I had forgotten her name and had to google it. And then when I found out her name is Quvenzhane, I didn't feel so badly because holy cow, I don't think I could've spelled that without google's help anyway. But y'all,  she showed up on the red carpet with a puppy dog purse! AH!!!! I love. Bless her sweet little heart for being so darn adorbs!

8. We accidentally left the downstairs TV on while giving Henry a bath up stairs. Charlie came running up in absolute hysterics that they sang a song called "We Saw Your Boobs" -- Ooops.  Parenting fail. But,  let's all just hope boobs stay hilarious for a while longer.

9. Kristen Stewart. I really want to hate her and be over her brooding schtick, but for some reason, I like her. But really, girlfriend? Do your hair. Someday you will be a mom like me with two kids and be so excited sneak off one Sunday morning for your first manicure since the company Christmas party and then ruin it two hours later because you had to clean up a giant pile of legos. And that will make you cry. Yes, you might actually CRY because the damn legos ruined the ONE pretty thing you've done for yourself in THREE months. So, just, for me... enjoy it now. When the team comes in to make you look gorgeous, don't moodily fan them away because you're trying to prove that you're a non-conformist.

Ok. That's my thoughts!! What are yours?? Whose dress did you love? Whose did you hate? What did you think of the host? Any of the moments stand out for you?? Comment away!!! 


  1. You haven't seen Hunger Games? Or Silver Linings Playbook? Drop everything and take care of that NOW. Seriously. My two fave moments were Ben thanking his kids and J-Law being almost saved by HUgh Jackman!

  2. I gotta stick up for Ben. Argo rocked. Also, he very humbly said after the Oscars how he was in great company with people NOT nominated. So many awesome movies, somebody would get missed.

  3. Also Kristen Stewart's hair was AWFUL. Sick.

  4. I also disliked Anne Hathaway' dress. My least favorite for the night. Don't feel bad about the Boob Song! My kids saw it too and we were all cracking up!

  5. Mandie has thoughtfully provided the Boob Song for us all on Facebook. Loved it -- but the ladies in the audience about whom he was singing did not seem so pleased....but hey, do the crime, do the time, I say. And who of us haven't wished for a little boob exposure on the Right Occasion?

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