Monday, February 18, 2013


My wedding anniversary is exactly one week before Valentine's Day, so I've exhausted all my romantic gestures by the time the heart-filled holiday has arrived. As I tried to explain to my younger, single cousin that we don't celebrate Valentine's Day for this reason, she answered "So... basically, you've already had enough sex." Ha! Something like that! {Sorry boys, if you read this in the future, that last sentence is probably going to make you throw up in your mouth a little}

Since our wedding anniversary is for us, Valentine's Day has become about showing the boys how much we love them. And also for Pinterest crafts and photoshoots with kisses and candy!
Vday-5470 Vday_bw-5526 Vday-5585
Henry LOVES for me to take silly pictures. This usually means he does a weird Saturday Night Fever disco pose. What a nut!
Vday-5532 Vday-5518
Also, this is the first year that Charlie refused to wear a Valetine's shirt because they're "not cool". I bought one and he said "No. Way." Ha ha. Sad.
Vday-5534 Vday-5504 Vday-5512
The weather on Valentine's Day was beautiful and "warm" {56 degrees feels warm now...} so we played on the driveway for the first time this year while waiting for Charlie to get home from school.
Vday-5600 Vday-5599 Vday-5598 Vday-5647 Vday-5653
My friend, Rachel, introduced me to Paper Source and I HAD to have these Valentine's cards for the boys. They are so perfect for each of them. And also not girly at all. It's super hard to find boy-appropriate valentines!!
I snuck them in the mailbox and had them go outside to get the mail {which they love to do}.
Vday-5669 Vday-5672 Vday-5677 Vday-5679
I used an idea from Pinterest to make Charlie's class valentines. We are a treat-free school so I took a picture of C holding out his hand so I could place a pencil through the image to make it look like he was handing it out. Fun!!

Henry got the valentine that I chose for it's PB&J-ness because I've become so obsessed with anything PB&J over the last year. Hostess with the Mostess designed the card as a free download so I attached it to a folded brown bag with ribbon and placed some candy and a PB&J organic granola bar inside. I thought these came out pretty cute!!
photo-174 photo-173

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