Monday, February 4, 2013

Playdough & Trains. Pants Not Required.

Henry's latest thing is to get into everything and anything he can {not new}. Without pants {new}.
A few days ago, I found that he had gotten into the tubs of playdough I had cleaned out of a closet. I thought I had hidden it well enough but Henry always has a way of proving that my hiding skills are terribly lacking... What I found to be super interesting and adorable is how the playdough was combined with train play. He went down into the basement to specifically collect trains he wanted to smash into the dough. If you've been reading my blog since the beginning {mom}, then you might remember how utterly adorable it was when Charlie did this same thing with gingerbread cookie dough and monster trucks in 2010.

I think watching my little boys play will always fascinate me. I just love the way they think. I'm soaking it in - every train, every crashing noise, every wrestling match, every little pair of underwear - because one day, WAY before I'm ready for it, the trains will be packed away for good and he will no longer let me take pictures of him without pants.
Henry-5129 Henry-5131 Henry-5085 Henry-5101 Henry-5121 Henry-5126 Henry-5135 Henry-5150 Henry-5141 Henry-5096

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  1. Love This Little One -- and yes, you are soo right. Someday he won't let you photograph him without pants!