Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Preschool Pick Up

Henry has a bromance going on with his best buddy, Max. When Henry isn't WITH Max, he spends the day TALKING about Max. He wakes up asking to go to Max's house. He usually mentions that Max needs this or that throughout the day. He watches the show "Max and Ruby" and sings "Max and Henry" in place of the theme song. Max's mom, Jackie, and I think this toddler bromance might possibly be the most adorable thing ever. We have even taken up a new hobby of texting each other the things they say about each other all day. Last night, I texted Jackie that Henry wanted Max to come "take a baff wiff me". Goofs.

Luckily, twice a week, they get to spend a day at preschool together. And since they're soooo in love, they then refuse to walk out of school without the other. That's right, they wait for each other and then run together down the hall, into the elevator, out the door and into the big grassy area where they insist on playing for just a little while longer.

I've been wanting to photograph this adorableness for awhile and yesterday I realized I had my camera in my bag for once! Now, anyone with a toddler knows that if you pull out a camera, it's a scientific certainty they won't do what they normally do... ARGH!!! So, my pictures aren't exactly what I wanted. For one, Max isn't actually IN any of them. I have a couple of the back of his head. Also, I didn't premeditate these images - hence, Henry REALLY needs a haircut and I was feeling too lazy (and late!) yesterday to dress him well or fight the battle to wipe off his valentines tattoo!

This is Miles. He is Max's baby brother. While Max and Henry are in love, I am in love with this little guy! OH!! He is just the SWEETEST baby -- and so cute!! Hi, Miles! Welcome to your first(?) blog post!!

On rainy, yucky days (like yesterday), they have their play time in the big, sprawling basement with lots of ride-on cars and room to run around. Henry rode his car right up to the door when I picked him up!
Preschool-5731 Preschool-5732
And then Henry waited for Max while standing on the window... And he was cute.
Preschool-5735 Preschool-5734 Preschool-5736 Preschool-5739 Preschool-5740 Preschool-5741
And Henry refuses to let me help him put on his sweatshirt. He can do it himself. Or, well, he can try to do it himself for five minutes and then mommy has to do it.
Preschool-5742 Preschool-5745
Normally the boys run down the hall together and that was the shot I REALLY wanted. But, of course, they wouldn't do it. This might have more to do with them running so fast down the hall last week that Jackie and I couldn't keep up and they got on the elevator BY THEMSELVES and were terrified when they go to the top floor without any mommies than it does with my camera being out.
Preschool-5746 Preschool-5749
Once we're upstairs, they usually take off running together again until they're outside on the grass. But they were holding back yesterday and wanted to walk. I eventually just stopped shooting and the second the lens cap was back on, they started holding hands! Of course!!!
Preschool-5750 Preschool-5752
And that, my friends, is what preschool pickup looks like! :)

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  1. Jenn jenn. You so should write a book. You are so so so good at this. Loved it. Thanks for the great shots off Henry on he window being Henry. Makes my day