Friday, February 8, 2013

Winter Romance

We had the unbelievable honor of being photographed by Rachael Boer. I happened upon her on Clickin Moms while reading a forum and liked what she had to say on a particular subject and then - BOOM - realized she was in DC. I stalked her website and FB and fell head over heels in love. Her work is amazing. It's everything I love about photography. Her perfect white balance and exposure. Her clean edits. Perfect framing. Interesting angles and details. Her insane ability to capture natural and beautiful reactions. I immediately emailed her for my personal family shoot in the spring.

And then, the very first post of hers on Facebook I saw after liking her page, she was asking for models for a portfolio building shoot. I wasted no time in volunteering myself -- and for some reason, we were actually picked!

I am soooooo obsessed with the images she took of Mike and I. It had been a REALLY long time since I had been in front of a professional camera. The experience solidified WHY I love photography so much. Receiving images like this -- seeing yourself and your husband from the point of view you never see -- feeling beautiful -- feeling like the love and excitement you have for your marriage is visible and tangible -- it's amazing. I HOPE that I am able to give that feeling to other families. It's SUCH a gift. Beautiful photographs are SUCH a gift. I hope Rachael knows that I am infinitely grateful. And I literally cannot WAIT to hire her for our family's shoot later this year.
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  1. Lord love a duck! You are sooo gorgeous Jenn! Mike handsome, you GORGEOUS!!